Sunday, June 8, 2008

Blue/Cream RS Prussia Biscuit Jar with Roses and Moriage

This piece has sold!

This piece is listed on eBay - #370058411492

This is an exquisite RS Prussia china cracker/biscuit jar with lid and gilded “handles.” This piece stands approximately 7” tall to the tip of the lid’s topper and is approximately 6” wide at the handles, tapering to a base that is 4½” in diameter. The primary color is cream, with tinges of blue that range from a pale “baby blue” to deep turquoise and cobalt. Delicate roses and other pink flowers decorate the gentle curves of the jar itself and the lid. Moriage flowers and dots accent both the base and lid. The lid itself is scalloped to fit inside the fluted edge of the jar and is topped with a 3-pointed, gilded knob that deepens to a beautiful teal blue. The edges of the lid are gently spackled with gold.The jar itself is a “bean pot” shape of sorts, with gentle valleys that are decorated with golden arrows. The deep teal blue “handles” are tinged with gold, and pink roses and white moriage dots accent the curves. Swags of roses are tied with painted deep blue ribbons in a delicate swirl on the sides of the jar. The top “gathers” and ruffles into a saw-toothed edge of points that are tipped in gold. The base is accented with gold banding.

The mark on the bottom is the wreath/tree and red RS Prussia.

THIS JAR DOES HAVE A CRACK, but it does not affect the overall beauty and integrity of this piece, in my opinion. I purchased it from someone who said it had been glued, but I cannot determine this, as the piece does not appear to have been broken, but rather cracked. I would guess that someone dropped this jar, as there is the tiniest chip in the side (see composite photo) and a “splinter crack” from there. I can only see one small spot inside where the crack goes all the way through. Depending on how you place this jar on a shelf, the crack may never be visible.

When I first saw this piece, it took my breath. I instinctively knew it was RS Prussia, and the mark confirmed it. This would be a stunning addition to any collection.