Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pink Glass and Delicate Crystal

I recently purchased several nice pieces of pink glass and some beautiful crystal from a friend.  It belonged to her mother.  The pink pieces were part of a set belonging to my friend's grandmother.  It seems she used these dishes every day, but somehow, a box of them was mistakenly collected along with other boxes set out for Goodwill, and this is all that was left.  The etched crystal pieces are stunning, even with a few nicks and wear... and there are five salad/dessert plates to match that I would sell for $20 total.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these pieces, please e-mail me at, and I will be happy to work with you on pricing, shipping and/or pick-up.  Thanks for looking, and have a great day!
Federal Glass Sharon (Cabbage Rose) Large Fruit Bowl - $35.00

Federal Glass Sharon (Cabbage Rose) Large Fruit Bowl - $35.00

Federal Glass Sharon (Cabbage Rose) Large Fruit Bowl - $35.00

Federal Glass Sharon (Cabbage Rose) Creamer - $14.95

Federal Glass Sharon (Cabbage Rose) Creamer with small chip - $11.95

Federal Glass Sharon (Cabbage Rose) Creamer-small chip close-up - $11.95

Federal Glass Sharon (Cabbage Rose) 5 Dinner plates - one with chip
$70 for all 5 - or $15.00 each

Federal Glass Sharon (Cabbage Rose)  Dinner plate

Federal Glass Sharon (Cabbage Rose) 5 Dinner plate with chip
Federal Glass Sharon (Cabbage Rose) Rimmed Soup Bowl - $37.50
Federal Glass Sharon (Cabbage Rose)

Rimmed Soup Bowl - $37.50

Etched Crystal Wine Goblet - Set of 4 (1 chipped) - $20

Chip on one glass in set of 4 Wine Goblets for $20

2 etched Champagne/sherbets - slight wear - $15

Close-up of slight wear on Champagne/Sherbet - set of 2 for $15.00

Jeannette Cherry Blossom Under 13" Platter - $37.50

Jeannette Cherry Blossom Under 13" Platter - $37.50

Jeannette Cherry Blossom Under 13" Platter - $37.50

Jeannette Cherry Blossom Under 13" Platter - $37.50

Federal Glass Sharon (Cabbage Rose) Cup $11.95

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Uncovering the Beauty

I have developed a new fascination with silver.  It happened as with most "happy accidents" - I bought a "lot" of items at an estate auction that included more than a dozen pieces of vintage silverplate.  Another "lot" included an enormous box of silverplate flatware.  For the record, I have never been a fan of polishing silver!

Having said this... I took this pile of blackened ... and I mean black metal, and I began to work.  I started with an arsenal of silver polish products from Wal-Mart, and slowly but surely, I developed a "process" for cleaning these pieces.  And I discovered that unearthing the sparkling treasure of long ago can be fun!  Polishing silver is something like being an archaeologist.  By carefully removing the layers added over time, you discover the treasure hidden beneath.  So, my English Silver coffee and tea pitchers with matching creamer went from dirty black discards to pieces worthy of gracing any table - even the most elegant wedding reception!  This set should sell for $100 or more, but since it does have some wear (and the coffee pot lid needs to be resoldered), I'm asking $30 for the 3-piece set.

English Silver Tea Server

English Silver 3-piece set - Coffee Server, Tea Server, Creamer
Beautiful details - Coffee Server lid needs to be re-attached
English Silver Coffee/Tea Server set - beautiful lines
3-piece set - English Silver Coffee/Tea Set

Pineapple finial on lids of each server
English Silver Maker's Mark

The Oneida 3-piece set with pitcher, creamer and sugar, boasts sleek Art Deco lines that make it perfect for any occasion - from traditional to contemporary.  Like the first set, this pot's lid needs a solder job, so I'm asking $21.95 for all three pieces.

Oneida Silverplate 3-piece Serving Set
Lid Needs to be re-attached, but is intact
Clean Art Deco Lines suitable for any decor
Beautiful clean lines
Lid and handle detail
Oneida Maker's Mark
An English covered butter dish makes any dinner party more festive - and this one is a true beauty!  It can be on your table for $22.50.

English Silverplate Butter Dish with Lid
English Silverplate Butter Dish and Lid
Beautiful  lines and details in butter dish lid
Maker's Mark on bottom of butter dish

At the same sale, I found the most amazing chip and dip set.  Sitting atop a wooden tray that spins on a wooden pedestal, these three pieces by a California Pottery company  (Bell Mfg.) are amazingly impeccable... no chips, scratches or discolorations.  This set is in a beautiful aqua color with gold accenting, and features a grape motif.  Two dishes come together to form the 15" diameter set.  One dish is divided, while the other contains a bowl for dip, complete with lid that has a "branch-like" handle.  This is such a great set, and I've seen similar ones for as much as $100 online.  This set has SOLD!

And then there was this breadbox.  I was not all that thrilled to get it with a "lot" of other items.  But on second look, it's really pretty cool.  AND... apparently a lot of other people think so, too!  It's in pretty good condition and is clearly marked on the bottom:  NC Colorware.  This bread box is listed online for upwards of $40!!!  I would be happy to get $25 for mine.  Do you want it?

These items will be appearing at TP Lillie on Main Street in Heber Springs, Arkansas, as space permits ... unless you decide to make them yours before hand!  Feel free to call me, comment here, or catch me on Facebook if you are interested in anything seen here - or if you are searching for something in particular.  Happy shopping!