Thursday, July 21, 2011

Who Knew Vintage Doilies Could Be So Versatile?!

I ordered a pattern from a shop owner on for a baby bolero/shrug jacket.  It came via PDF, so I got to start right away on my first project... but what to do first?  So many options!  I finally settled on a large crocheted dresser scarf... a rectangle of crocheted cotton.  Would it work?  Could I fit all the pieces?  At first I thought I only had enough to make a vest.  But when I cut out the back and two front pieces, utilizing the finished edge as the hem, I realized I had enough finished edge in large enough sections for 2 cap sleeves.  Yippee!

Here is the finished result... bias tape trims the neckline, and an antique "pearl" button is fastened by a finished piece of the crochet.  I also added a little vintage pearlized flower button as an accent.  I think it's pretty adorable... and I've listed it on Etsy at This Reminds Me...  If it doesn't sell, Zola Claudette or Harper LeeAnn will be wearing it in a few months!

Next project?  Another doily... then maybe some denim, and a cutwork pillowcase!  I also bought a bolero jacket for women today - gonna try some vintage lace tablecloths soon!