Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Here's What's New for Summer 2009

I'm always amazed at what I find at estate sales... treasures for everyone! I'm trying to keep these affordable for all of us and rescue them from the junk pile or a thrift store at the same time. We can have nice, pretty things... good quality items... they are "out there" - and I'm doing my best to give them a new life!

This is a really nice clear glass vase by E.O. Brody. When I think of Brody, I usually think milk glass, so I was happy to see this pretty clear glass item. I think the pattern is unusual and interesting, and I can see this filled with flowers, marbles, botanicals, or sitting on a shelf with a collection of crystal and sparkling glassware.

I don't know who made this vase - or the pattern name, but I think it's a beautiful piece... the lines are so unusual... vertical ribs and diamond points. And like the Brody vase, it is in mint condition.

What is it with me and punch bowls?! This one is HUGE, and it is in excellent condition - no chips, cracks, nicks. Don't know the pattern or maker on this one either, but it comes with 8 matching cups!

These vases are Capodimonte... a well-known Italian porcelain. The hallmark of Capodimonte is the hand-formed components, like the roses on these vases... you can still see faint fingerprints in the flower petals! These two vases are in amazingly good condition. So much of Capodimonte is broken and chipped, due to the delicacy of the work. These have some chips and breakage on the flowers, but it is minimal. I saw one vase similar to these listed on an antiques website for $65... I'm asking $100 for both of these.